Allied Science

The department has well experienced, highly qualified, dedicated and student friendly teaching staff and the classrooms are designed according to the AICTE norms and well Ventilated for fresh air circulation and the corridors are fitted by CCTV camera's to lookout the activity of the students...

Enabling transformation of young minds into competent engineers responsive to societal needs and values.

Keeping in view the latest and futuristic development in Applied Science while developing the department.

Modernizing infrastructure from time-to-time, encouraging faculty and supporting staff to upgrade their knowledge aligning to technological trends.

To develop the department into the best supporting department with best staff and other infrastructure.

I wish all the students of Basavakalyan Engineering College, Basavakalyan who are studying the course in Computer Science & Engineering. They all are should complete the course in four years stipulated time and get the Bachelor of Engineering Degree. And also get success in their academics and professional work.

Student of allied science engineering should be learn the basic things which is helpful for upcoming semester..

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has come into existence since the inception of the Institute. The department has 4 faculty members of which 2 are doctorate. The department is involved in teaching mathematics to the students of different Engineering disciplines. The staffs of the department are actively participating also in teaching interdisciplinary courses.

To assist students in acquiring a conceptual understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics, its processes, and applications.

To provide every undergraduate student at BKEC with mathematical experiences and mathematical ideas that will serve as a foundation for careers and further study in engineering

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1999. The department has 2 faculty members. The department is involved in teaching the Engineering Physics Theory and Laboratory courses to the students of different Engineering disciplines. Our mission is to feed the budding engineers with finer aspects of science, which make them to understand, exploit and innovate, thus contributing to the technological advancement of tomorrow. The department is also instrumental in taking up many curricular and co-curricular activities of the college.

1. To encourage the inquisitiveness in a student and make him to understand the fundamentals of technology.
2. To inform the student with the latest development in science so that can exploit it for development of technology.
3. To imbibe in the student the idea that understanding of an atom is very essential to understand the universe.
4. To instigate the "researcher" in a student so that he could be an innovator or inventor of tomorrow.

To make the students understand the basic concepts of Physics and to empower them to apply the concepts effectively in the field of Engineering and Technology.

Department of Chemistry

The Department offers courses in chemistry to students of engineering disciplines at I to II semester levels, both in theory and practical. It also provides supporting guidance to students of Civil Engg. in their project work.

Chemistry Lab

Physics Lab

  • To promote the knowledge of Applied Physics among the students so that they can apply it in the thrust areas of Engineering and Technology.
  • To develop the students to apply basics of Physics required for the current field of technologies which they practice in the regular courses of Engineering.
  • To motivate the students to learn physics to apply the knowledge for understanding engineering concepts.
  • Setup an Applied Research Laboratory.

Staff Details Of Allied Science And Engineering

  • Miss. ShaliniChincholikar