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  • Dr.S.B.Kivade Principal and E C Member VTU Belagavi

  • Shri Mahesh D.Talampally, Dr.S.B.Kivade Principal and E C Member VTU Belagavi, Shri Premsagar Patil Registrar ,BKEC

  • In the view of Birth Anniversary of Missile Man Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    MARATHON RUN FOR A3 (Arise(Ekata), Awake(Education), Aware(Swachta)15-10-2018

  • Dr.S.B.Kivade Principal and EC member VTU Belagavi is being awarded with ISTE'S best Principal in VTU Belagavi.

  • Dikshant-16
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  • Dikshant-17
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  • B. S. Yeddyurappa Former C.M of Karnataka visit
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  • International yoga day
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  • Dr. S.B.Kivade Principal BKEC felicitated to AICTE Chairman Prof. Anil Sahsarabudhe
    Receiving appreciation certificate from prof.Anil Sahasrabudhe chairman AICTE New Delhi

  • Upendra, Film actor visit
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  • Falicitation to our VTU Vice-Chancellor Dr.Karisiddappa
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  • VTU Inter Collegiate Kalaburgi Zone Cricket (Menís) Tournament
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Why Basavakalyan Engineering College?

Basavakalyan Engineering College has been Established with the unique goal of transferring the youngsters into focused, responsible, commited, dedicated and confident professionals in the desired field. To achieve this, BKEC has provided for the finest teaching minds, whose guidance is reinforced with decades of teaching experience, national, international exposure and understanding. Well designed learning spaces set in a secure and serene 30 acre campus and excellent facilities make life at BKEC a truly stimulating and rewarding experience.

What Makes BKEC Unique.
  • Highly experienced faculty from premier institutions.
  • Career-Counseling and placement assistance.
  • Transportation facilities for easy connectivity.
  • Assistance for education loans
  • Sports and recreation facilities.
  • Scholarship for Academics, Sports and Extracurricular merit.
  • Monitored Internship programmes.
  • Digital Library with e-resource and NPTEL learning material.
  • Campus is under CCTV surveillance.
  • SMS are sending to the parents on Hourly basis.


FEB 10


11:00am - 01:00pm


OCT 27

First IA Test

09:45am - 5:19pm

East Campus

NOV 05

First Parents Meet

11:00am - 01:00pm

East Campus

NOV 25

Second IA Test

09:45am - 5:19pm

East Campus

APR 25

Second Parents Meet

09:45am - 5:19pm

East Campus

MAY 26-28

Third IA Test

09:45am - 5:19pm

East Campus

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About Basavakalyan

Basavakalyan is a historical town of Bidar District in Karnataka state of India. During the 12th century, it was the capital of the kingdom of Sri Bijjala, who belonged to the dynasty of kalchuri Chalukyans. Lord Basaveshwara, a pious personality known for his generosity was the benevolent prime minister of the kingdom. He carried out here an unprecedented revolution for establishing a society free from exploitation and discrimination on account of caste, religion, language and gender. For him, compassion was the foundation of religion, he tirelessly worked for the establishment of a welfare state.

Soon his name and fame spread to different parts of the Indian peninsula like Tamil Nadu. Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Gujarat and even to far as Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were inspired by him and his mission, Men, Women and even kings were drawn to this place where they practiced simple life by adhering to the philosophy "Work Is Worship" these truly pious people were called SHIVASHARANAS. Lord Basaveshwara established for the first time real democratic religious parliaments known as Anubhava Mantap. It is here, the Shivasharanas carried out the democratic exercise of sharing their experiences for solving the problems of the society; Kannada language attained its zenith of glory during this period. The democratic movement led the development of "VACHANA SAHITHYA" a profound form of literature in Kannada. Today, it is most valuable literature which has all the solutions to our present manifold problems, if one truly followed it. Thus Lord Basaveshwara is hailed as the first revolutionary thinker and social reformer of modern India.

It is here in the 14th century, Raja Bagh Sawar, a noted Sufi saint spread the message of communal harmony among all communities. The holy Sadguru Sadanand Swamy math has been also contributing greatly for love, harmony and peace among different communities living here.

Basavakalyan is today the most important commercial place, with population of nearly four lakh. It is a multi-lingual and multi-religious town, known for harmony ad peace. It only shows the influence of the message of Lord Basaveshwara and his followers still in abundance.